2015 New Years Resolution ft. YOU BUNNIES



We hope you bunnies enjoyed our last few posts that were dedicated to our Beach Bunny Swimwear ’12 Steals of Christmas’ – and what we really want to say is, thank you for putting up with our custom version of the 12 Days of Christmas song… you guys are champs.

Now that those days are past (we hope you guys got some amazing deals!!), we’re moving forward with a starter list of our 2015 New Years  Resolutions!

Let’s see if you & Beach Bunny have any in common, hm?


Be fit & stay fit | Maybe one day this year we’ll work out in a BB suit and a pair of trainers like this bunny:

photo 2

R E A D . M O R E | This girl’s got her bunny-selfie skills down & keeps a good book by her side… we see it.

photo 3

Spend every summer day where we’re meant to be | On white sands & in deep ocean blues

photo 5

To get our snorkel on in Tahiti … or just do something cool like this that we’ve never done before.

photo 4

Travel someplace new with our BFF | And do so in style

photo 1


Well, that’s what we have so far!  A big shoutout to the girls above for inspiring us to get our 2015 New Years Resolutions list started! Like any of the suits pictured above?  You can snag them at the links below! And even better news?? You can get them now while we have our “TREAT YOURSELF” deal event going on!!

Yup!  So let’s get started – click on the image above or on the links below to start saving,  N O W ! !

1. Resolution 1 Suit | Blue & Yellow ‘Form & Function’

2. Resolution 2 Suit | Pink & Orange ‘Endless Summer’

3. Resolution 4 Suit | Coral & Yellow ‘Tricked Out’

4. Resolution 5 Suit | Blue & Aqua ‘Endless Summer’

H A P P Y S H O P P I N G <3


Beach Bunny

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