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Hi, bunnies!

It’s National Bikini Day & we’re celebrating with one of our fave babes,
Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad

s i c i l y


BB: How many places have you taken your Beach Bunny to so far?

TBA: I’ve traveled to around 35 countries in total since I began traveling full-time in 2011.  Beach Bunny has been everywhere from the French Riviera to Australia with me!

Burning Manb u r n i n g m a n

BB: What is one of your favorite memories shared abroad with your trusty Beach Bunny?

TBA: I think my favorite Beach Bunny memory was with my first BB I ever got.  My girlfriends and I rocked BB on a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands.  Normally, I’ll pack a bikini for each day of a vacation yet I ended up wearing that one bikini the whole trip because I loved it so much.  I’ve never had a bikini fit me so perfectly!

British Virgin Islands
b r i t i s h v i r g i n i s l a n d s

BB: If you had to pick one Beach Bunny suit to take with you for the rest of your travels, which would it be and why?

TBA: I love the Beach Bunny underwire tops and cheeky bottoms.  As a girl with curves, I’ve never felt more confident in a bikini!

b e r l i n

BB: You’ve seen a lot of amazing places, but which place would you say gave you and your Beach Bunny the best view?

TBA: The ultimate bikini destinations I’ve brought my Beach Bunny were probably Cote d’Azur (south of France) and on a sailing trip to Sardinia and Corsica.  Every girl needs to experience the Mediterranean! Gorgeous blue water and the kiss of the sun can’t be beat.

p o r t u g a l

BB: What is your favorite thing about your Beach Bunny bikinis?

TBA: My favorite thing about Beach Bunny is how unique the bikinis are. Whether you’re a girly girl or a bit of a rebel, there’s a BB bikini for you!

Venice Beach
v e n i c e b e a c h

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