Metal M A N I A


We’re getting inspired by hints gold, glints of silver & all things m e t a l l i c this Monday!

 G E T   I N S P I R E D   W I T H   U S 


[ all new f l a s h x t a t t o o s ]
Get the quickest [and sickest] look this summer with these amazing flash tattoos! Think of them as a nostalgic reminder of your childhood, except more badass.  From the Sophia to the Josephine, you get “4 sheets. Lots of jewelry. Lots of possibilities. Get flashy.”

Oh, we will.


[ shopkrown]
Shopkrown’s “Kaylen” headpiece is too gorgeous for words.  Okay, not really. We’ve got five:
stunning | unreal | to-diiee [yes that’s one word] | amaze | G O L D


[ i c e  q u e e n ]
Obviously they were going to knock it out of the park with a silver headpiece too…
Lo & behold, the “Goddess Crystal Headpiece

[  M O R E  M E T A L  M A N I A  O N  P I N T E R E S T ]


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