DIY: Beach Hair Spray


It’s safe to say… beach hair’s here to stay.  We can never get enough of those salted waves and Beach Bunny babe, Nina Agdal, won’t let us forget it!bb1

Okay, enough with the hairspo. Time to find out how to get beach hair in a bottle with this simple DIY:

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(We’re adding 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil to this for extra shine!)


1.Place coconut oil in a medium-sized bowl and microwave 15 seconds (or until melted).
2.Mix in salt, pomade or hair gel, and leave-in conditioner (if using) and stir until combined.
3.Heat 1 cup of water until hot, but not boiling, and stir into coconut oil mixture.
4.Transfer to spray bottle.
5. Spray generously onto damp hair and let dry for perfect, beachy waves!



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